Sling Shot

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The Project

Sling Shot Intergalactic is the foremost choice for file transfers among film producers, spanning from Hollywood to Paris and Bangkok. Our mission was to design a cutting-edge website that mirrors the warp-speed efficiency with which they handle transfers.


Keywords achieved top 20 ranking in first month
Increased inquiries in first month
City landscape with light lines
Arizona scenery
Arizona scenery
Arizona scenery

Guided by Space & Light

Visual Style

We provide a window into the essence of this company, visually capturing our aspirations. Through a dark background, image distortion, the integration of floating 3D elements, oversized fonts, and a vibrant burst of color against the backdrop, we craft an immersive experience that envelops users in the brand's narrative, evoking a spectrum of emotions.

Website screen for about page part 1
Website screen for about page part 2
Two movie reflectors aiming into the center of the scene
Website screen for about page part 1
Arizona scenery

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